Our Team

'Think big, stay humble'

Matt New1.jpg

Matthew Joblin - Managing Director

I’m Matt and I'm the founder and managing director of The Creative Colony. Developing content that enables change for businesses and people is the philosophy behind our concept and we want that change to be available for everyone.


Nick Slade - Head of Content

I'm Nick and i'm the head content which means I oversee all of our projects from start to finish. I love the challenge of trying to capture a story within a single or moving image.

My favourite film is Coppola’s Apocalypse Now for its hypnotic exploration of the human condition.


Rupert Hicks - DoP & Editor

I'm Rupert and I'm a DoP and editor. Story telling, practical skills and creative thinking are key whether I'm working on documentaries, corporate films or creative campaigns.

My favourite film is Castaway as it is a simply beautiful telling of a survival story.


Patch - Creative Assistant

I’m Patch and I'm a creative media assistant.  I am particularly fascinated with editing and spend most of my time supporting Rupe and Nick.

My favourite films are Pulp Fiction, Pretty Woman and Monsters Inc!

Our Ethos


We believe in…

> Making a difference. We want to use our skills and ideas to enable positive change and to create opportunities for disadvantaged communities where possible.

> Using the economy to have a positive social impact. We reinvest a percentage of the profits from our corporate work to deliver free film-making training to disadvantaged young people who want to break into our industry.


> Youth opportunities.  Realising your dreams should not be limited by either your age or experience. We champion opportunities for young professionals and young people
wherever possible.

> Challenging the status quo: We believe in creating models and using techniques that push boundaries, challenge standard practice and create unique solutions.

> Making filming more widely accessible. Particularly to those also looking to make a positive difference, or who are disadvantaged, or are restricted by limited budgets.

> Developing our own capacity to create great films. We delight clients, not just with a final product that has the desired impact, but also in the way we collaborate to get there.

So much for what we say. Hear what our clients think and feel.