Smart phone training

You don’t need telling that the demand for video content is on the up.

By 2018, it’s estimated that 80% of all online content will be video.* And the cameras on smartphones are now so sophisticated, they are used regularly by mainstream media.

*According to the Huffington Post

So what’s stopping you using smartphone video to grow you business? As we see it, the primary barriers are a lack of awareness (about its potential), and lack of confidence (in terms of how to use the equipment you already have).

Our aim with this service? To support you to learn and understand all you need to become a film-maker using the equipment you already have.

What you’ll learn: Our packages will help you understand everything from setting up a YouTube account, and shooting content, to editing the content and creating analytical reports.

A choice of package. We give you two options, both with a recommended duration of three months. We are confident that, after that period, you will have the skills and confidence to creategreat content on your own.

Call us today: on 020 3757 7236 and ask us about our silver or gold consultancy packages.

Pssst! Did you know: Apple recently admitted they have 800 people just working on the iPhone camera… not the entire phone, just the camera!