Community Filming

Realising how charities and third sector organisations were facing stiff financial challenges in the current climate, we decided to help by setting up our Community Film Unit.

The model is simple: we train young creatives by teaching them practical skills at our film academy. Once they reach a certain skill level, we begin employing them for our Community Film Unit productions. Telephone us to find out more 020 3757 7236.

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Good for them: The young people get real, paid opportunities working on professional projects.

Good for you: If you’re a public or third sector organisation, this means we can offer you a viable and affordable way to outsource a film project - and so create a quality video for your organisation.

Our quality guarantee: Our core team continue to oversee all production aspects of Community Film Unit projects, ensuring a consistent quality to the Unit’s work.

Our social remit: The Community Film Unit make films and tell stories about society’s most important issues, helping to create a better world. (Check out the three videos below.) 

Physically Being Me - Six Stories from Disabled Dancers
A short documentary that explores the positive journeys and thoughts of six disabled dancers.

Sponge is a scripted drama that shows the harrowing impact that dementia can have on families. The film follows the story of Brian & Sue and the battle they face because of Brians dementia. The film displays a number of difficult situations that a carer will have to deal with including shaving, washing, family relationships and going to the loo. Sponge is being used as a national tool to educate family members about the journey that lies ahead.

Kings LGBT+ Society
This short film celebrates everything that is awesome about the LGBT+ society at Kings College, London. Are you studying at Kings next year? If so, you need to watch this..